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I work on semantic architectures for interoperability of information systems. Much of my time is spent studying biomedical knowledge using methods from philosophy, particularly ontology and epistemology.

Protected: The Problem of Pronouns

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Genocide: for whom the lesson of never again?

A rumination on the connection of genocide and who learns the lesson of ‘never again’, following a recent article in Haaretz: Having failed to learn its lessons, Holocaust Remembrance Day doesn’t belong in Israel’s reality (Yossi Klein, 02 May 2019).

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What is a ‘female’ in medicine?

Above is the definition of the word ‘female’ from the MedicineNet site. According to this, the classification of an individual who bears young (or at least potentially), or produces eggs as a ‘female’ is out of date.

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What does the term ‘Islam’ mean anyway?

The standalone term ‘Islam’ has become problematic in recent years, particularly in public discourse around religion, culture clash, and terrorism in Western societies. The problem is old: the same term is assumed to refer to the same thing but in … Continue reading

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The truth, or what’s left of it

We live in strange times. In the public sphere, we talk more than ever about ‘truth’ and ‘facts’, and yet in a civilisation that has developed some pretty good methods of getting at the truth, particularly in the sciences, medicine … Continue reading

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